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Alex Levine is the owner and operator of Axis Body Piercing. He started his piercing career in 1997 with an apprenticeship under Todd Lambright at Forever Yours Tattoo. Towards the end of that apprenticeship Alex participated in a week long course in basic body piercing put on by Exotic Body in Sacramento, CA. While working at Forever Yours Tattoo, Alex was taught the importance of "continuing education" in the body piercing field. So he became a participant at the annual Association of Professional Piercers convention/seminar, and formed a large network of resources to stay up-to-date on jewelry designs and styles, after-care and different piercing techniques. Alex is currently certified by the American Red Cross for training in Adult CPR and First Aid Basics, as well as the Blood borne Pathogens course by The National Safety Council.

After three years with Forever Yours Tattoo, Alex spent the summer of 2001 in Austin, TX. to continue his education in body piercing. In Austin he worked at True Blue Tattoo with a great piercing staff (a lot of the influence behind Axis Body Modification came from True Blue.) At the end of that summer Alex moved back to Minneapolis to open Axis Body Modification.

In July 2002 Alex moved to Chicago to fill the position of head piercer and manager for The Chicago Piercing Company. After three years with The Chicago Piercing Company Alex left to help open Taylor Street Tattoo and Body Piercing, all while maintaining Axis. In June of 2007, Alex moved back up to Minneapolis to work solely at Axis Body Piercing. Under the influence of such reputable studios, Alex has been able to stay current in the rapidly evolving field of body piercing. Alex has eleven solid years of experience and is trained to do basic, intermediate and advanced body piercing, as well as ear stretching, scalpelling, and dermal punching.

Alex invites any question's you might have. He can be contacted at or by calling 612.379.4455.

Alex's Hours at Axis
Wed: 12 noon to 5pm
Fri: 12 noon to 10pm

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